14 Facts You Didn’t Know About San Francisco

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Vibrant, lively, and quirky, the magical city of San Francisco lures travelers from all over the world. Whether you’re there for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, the unique cable car experience, the renowned world-class restaurants, or the bustling nightlife, this city has a little something for everyone. Not convinced yet? Check out these unique facts about San Francisco that will make you want to book tickets right away.

  1. Everyone loves a good fortune cookie with their Chinese food, but we bet you didn’t know that this magic treat was actually invented by a Japanese resident of San Fran named Makoto Hagiwara.
  2. Maiden Lane, which is currently one of the most expensive shopping streets in San Francisco, used to be called Morton Street and was the center of the city’s red light district in the 1800s. Talk about an extreme makeover.
  3. If you’re a film lover, you will love the fact that San Francisco has more than 50 film festivals every year. These include the International Film festival, Jewish Film festival, Independent Film Festival, Silent Film Festival, and Black Film Festival to name a few. It’s safe to assume that no matter what your favorite genre is, there’s a film festival for you here.
  4. The Golden Gate bridge is painted in a color called “International Orange”. Apparently, it wasn’t even a color but a primer meant to protect the steel but the architect loved it so much they left it like that.
  5. Irish coffee was introduced to the United States by the Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco. Yum!
  6. The flag of the city depicts a rising phoenix with a Spanish motto under it that translates to “Gold in Peace, Iron in War”. How very Game of Thrones!
  7. San Francisco instituted the United States’ first “ugly law” in 1867 which banned “unsightly” or “unseemly” people from public places. Thankfully, the law has since been annulled.
  8. San Francisco is home to Lombard Street, also called the “Crookedest Street in the World”. You can either walk or drive down the eight sharp hairpin turns located between Jones St. and Hyde St. Also, if you’re interested, Filbert St. between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets is the steepest. We’re feeling dizzy just thinking about it.
  9. San Francisco’s original name was “Yerba Buena” which translates to “good grass” or “good herb”. How apt is that!
  10. In case you’re wondering, it is illegal to wash your car with used underwear in San Francisco. Good to know.
  11. The earthquake of 1906 which destroyed a significant portion of the city was the first natural disaster to be documented in photographs.
  12. Denim jeans may be a fashion staple today but they were originally invented in San Francisco in 1873 by Levi Strauss for Gold Rush miners who needed comfortable, tough, and durable clothing.
  13. In 1859, Joshua Abraham Norton from San Francisco declared himself the “Emperor of the United States” and “The Protector of Mexico”. The funny part is, people just kind of went with it…
  14. Until 2012, it was perfectly legal to be nude in public in San Francisco. You now need a police-issued permit for the same. I wonder how they decide who gets a permit…

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