13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong

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The amazing metropolis of Hong Kong is vibrant, infectious and energetic. You can find everything here…remarkable shopping, efficient public transport, plenty of green spaces, delicious food, a happening bar scene and gleaming skyscrapers! Check out these facts that will make you want to travel there right away.

  1. The name “Hong Kong” translates to “Fragrant Harbour”. This comes from its history as a city that produced incense.
  2. It may seem surprising, but Hong Kong actually has the most skyscrapers in the world, almost twice as many as New York City!
  3. Looking to get something tailor-made? Why not try Sam’s Tailor in Hong Kong? Hey, if they’re good enough for George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, and Michael Jackson, they’re good enough for us.
  4. On a strict budget? Why not try the local fast food noodle shops called Dai Pai Dong where you can get a bowl of noodles and some tea for about HK$20? Sounds like a deal!
  5. The Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world with both rail and road traffic. With a span of 1377 metres, it’s about 100m longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  6. Apartment buildings here don’t have a fourth floor as the word “four” sounds like the word “death” in Chinese and is therefore considered bad luck. The number 8, on the other hand, is considered good luck!
  7. Feng Shui is a big deal in Hong Kong. In fact, you will see two rods on the rooftop of Central’s HSBC building which were added to divert bad energy. Also, they face the Bank of China building which has sharp edges that are supposed to bring in good energy.
  8. You must try delicious egg tarts and pineapple buns while you’re in Hong Kong. Fun fact: The pineapple buns don’t actually contain the fruit but are named so because of their pineapple-like crust.
  9. Visiting Hong Kong? Why not try their home airline, Cathay Pacific which has won the title of the “World’s Best Airline” four times. That’s more than any other airline in the world!
  10. Speaking of airlines, Hong Kong’s International Airport is as big as 20 soccer fields!
  11. It costs a whopping HK $7.66 million to get a license to operate a taxi in Hong Kong.
  12. If it tickles your fancy, you can get married at a McDonald’s in Hong Kong. For $2000 USD you can get a wedding dress, balloon rings, and of course plenty of burgers. How romantic!
  13. Between April and May every year, the people of Cheung Chau Island used to build a literal tower of buns to keep the hungry ghosts that live there happy. Lately though, they’ve started to use plastic instead of the real deal. Hopefully, the ghosts aren’t too picky.

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